Made in the foothills of North Carolina.

Family owned & driven!!!!!

Shiners Stash Jerky became the brain child of Executive Chef Swen Altis' dream of making his own style of jerky. Living in the foothills of North Carolina. Chef Swen an avid hunter, was asked every year to make venison jerky from his fellow friends and surrounding neighbors. With a fulltime job and a part-time passion it soon became relevant to Chef Swen to look into making and selling his own style of jerky. Shiners Stash Jerky, LLC took over from that point forward as a fulltime passion & job. 

Chef Swen started his journey as a cook in the US Army. Upon his enlistment. Swen attended The Culinary Institute of America, at Hyde Park, NY. Chef Swen started his professional career as a Foodservice Director at NCSU & Duke University. Chef then moved over to airline catering as an Executive Chef with LSG/Skychefs. A competitive athlete in his own right Chef Swen Altis started working for Delaware North Company Sportsservices as the Executive Chef with the Columbus Blue Jackets in Columbus, Ohio. Chefs role expanded over to the NFL along with various MLB teams contracted through DNC. Life's turn brought Chef back to airline catering at Dulles International Airport where he was Executive Chef for Gategourmet & oversaw 27 major airline accounts. 

Chef moved back to North Carolina to be closer to his daughter, Alyina Sophia. Chef soon found himself back in higher education as Campus Executive Chef of High Point University & later as the Executive Chef of Athletics at Wake Forrest University finishing his Higher Education career at Lenoir-Rhyne University. Tired of long drives and an itch for wanting to branch out on his own. Chef left the corporate career & started Shiners Stash Jerky, LLC. 

Chef Swen has taken every effort to raise the bar & set his own trend and style in the Jerky community. Backed by his wife Beth, business partner Steve Putman, friends, and family. They are committed & continuously strive to set "THAT BAR!"

"It was calling me. The opportunity stared me in the face & you have to look the opportunity back & take it! Life is ALWAYS faced with challenges & I welcome each & every one of them. I was lucky to have had great mentors in different stages of my life journey. To this day, each & everyone of them are apart of my life."

To family, to friends, to life. That's why we take pride in what we do & provide the best of products to our customers & for that, "We thank you."


Chef SA~