Made in the foothills of North Carolina.

We produce wild game. According to USDA guidelines. A Federally Inspected facility can manufactor wild game for individual sale only! What does this mean? We can only sale to an individual that brings us any wild harvest game. We are not permitted to resale any wild game to the general public.  

We can only except field dressed & caped (Hyde removed) quartered game. Please ensure that your harvest is throughly cleaned & free from any debris. The harvest does not need to be de-boned. **UPON ENTERING OUR FACILITY. WE WEIGH ALL MEAT TO DETERMINE PRICING. A TOTAL PRICE WILL BE BALANCED AFTER ANY CUSTOM WORK IS ADDED TO AN ORDER.

What we offer-ALL INGREDIENTS/FABRICATION/CASINGS/STANDARD PACKAGING INCLUDED IN PRICING.                                                     

JERKY----- $50 per RAW 10 pound weight. We produce any flavor that we offer in our beef & pork jerkys. If a customer wants a custom recipe made. Just bring us your recipe & we will make it for you.


MEAT STICKS-----$8 per RAW pound. Choice of Black Pepper 'n Garlic, Hot 'n Spicy, Cajun Spice

GROUND BURGER-----$1.50# No fillers. $2.50 FILLER OR MARKET PRICE. PACK SIZES, one (1) or two (2) pound packs.

ROAST CUTS-----$1.50 per pound.

CUBED STEAK-----$1.50 per pound.

MADALLIONS (PLAIN or BUTTERFLIED)-----$1.50 per pound.

STEAK CUTS (NO BONE)-----$1.50 per pound.

***We offer vacuum sealed ziploc packaging-----$.30 per package.